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A period of silence (2)

To my amazement, this blog is now 730 posts old. I’m grateful for the interest of those who’ve been reading it since the start in January 2013, or who’ve come in along the way. It’s nice to know that the pleasure I get from it is shared.

Four years ago I put it on hold for a few months in order to give myself the time I needed to finish a book. Now I’m doing it again, and once more the writing that’ll keep me occupied until mid-summer has nothing to do with music. It’s going to be hard to deny myself the opportunity to listen to as many albums and (circumstances permitting) go to as many gigs, but that’s how it has to be.

Meanwhile, a happy new year to one and all, and see you down the road apiece.

— Richard Williams

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  1. David Hughes #

    Adam White has paused his for the same reason…though I’m pretty certain his will be about music!

    December 31, 2021
  2. Steve Cook #

    Don’t leave us waiting too long Richard.

    Until then.


    Steve Cook | Director
    Gillman & Soame| Units 7 & 8 Chancerygate Business Centre
    Langford Lane|Kidlington|Oxford|OX5 1FQ
    Tel: 01869 328200
    Follow us on Twitter!

    December 31, 2021
  3. Thanks for all these impressive reviews over the years!

    December 31, 2021
  4. Patrick Hinely #

    Your return will be welcome. In the interim, may all go well.

    December 31, 2021
  5. Brian Botcherby #

    Your pearls of wisdom and good taste shall be missed. Good luck with the new book and enjoy your writing

    December 31, 2021
  6. Maurizio Comandini #

    See you down the road, dear Richard. Even if no one introduced us, we met 50 years ago, on August 26th, 1971. Porchester Hall. Eve & John McLaughlin. I was sitting in the front row of chairs, with Bob Fripp and Ian Wallace sitting on my right side. A magical experience for maybe 25 souls and there we were. The admission fare was 20 pence, if memory serves me right. All the Best. Maurizio Comandini, music writer in Italy

    December 31, 2021
    • Dear Maurizio — That’s a happy memory. Was it really only 20p? All best, Richard

      December 31, 2021
  7. joey jones #

    Happy new year Richard – will miss your regular postings a lot, but good luck with the book!

    December 31, 2021
  8. Diana #

    Shove and sting like an old steam drill on that book.

    December 31, 2021
  9. clive langer #

    Happy New Year Richard. Thanks for you and your writing. C

    Sent from my iPhone

    December 31, 2021
  10. we’ll catch up in the summer then! meanwhile, have a peaceful, healthy, productive and HAPPENING new year – thanks for the gift of music, wisdom and knowledge – ciao!

    December 31, 2021
  11. JR #

    Happy New Year Richard, not sure what’s occurring, but , in the lacuna, you will be greatly missed. Stay safe. JR and my mate Chris.

    December 31, 2021
  12. Happy new year to you too, Richard, and many thanks for this wonderful blog

    December 31, 2021
  13. stewart gunn #

    Your entertaining insights will be missed, but I’m sure they’ll be back. Hoping the words low…..Happy New Year.

    December 31, 2021
  14. stewart gunn #

    Flow, of course!

    December 31, 2021
  15. Mick Steels #

    Still the doyen of music critics your musings are always instructive and thought provoking, good luck with the latest project

    December 31, 2021
  16. Peter Zec #

    Best wishes for a happy, peaceful and health New Year. Keep on keeping on !

    December 31, 2021
  17. Michael Engelbrecht #

    Nice, your penultimate text was about doo-wop: seems like time traveling by sound is one of the the easiest ways to jump between decades. And to keep the memory of things long gone present (for a while). That‘s what you‘re doing with your books anyway, Richard, no matter what their topic is. See you returning.

    December 31, 2021
  18. Santi Segurola #

    Thanks Richard for this blog. I’ve enjoyed every post. Happy New Year from Bilbao.

    December 31, 2021
  19. Adam Glasser #

    Your blog has been a hugely fascinating and treasured resource for my own musical journey. Thank you so much Richard, wishing you all the best with the next project. And it will be a pleasure to revisit past Blue Moments while you are away.

    December 31, 2021
  20. Happy New Year Richard! We’ll miss your insightful pieces. Good luck with the writing!

    December 31, 2021
  21. Brian Eley #

    Thanks for all the thoughtful recommendations!

    December 31, 2021
  22. G Papa #

    Hopefully this is the last bad news this year. Your writing and wisdom will be missed. Good to know you will back. Happy New year to you and happy trails!

    December 31, 2021
  23. Hi Richard

    I think I have been following your blog pretty much from the start and I would like to say it has been a constant source of interest, insight and information.

    I think it was Neville Cardus who wrote something on the lines of ‘the best music writing is not to be found in the notes’ but in the soul of the performer and the performance, and your writing – particularly two of my favourite books on music, ‘The Blue Moment’ and ‘Long Distance Call’ – exemplify this.

    Good luck with the writing task and here’s to the return of The Blue Moment sometime in 2022!

    Best wishes,

    Jeremy Agnew


    December 31, 2021
  24. A J #

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words

    We are looking forward to your return soon


    December 31, 2021
  25. fully understand your Sonny Rollins sabbatical Look forward to your return Danny

    December 31, 2021
  26. Martin Aubrey #

    Hope the writing goes well, thank you for what you do. I’ll look forward to when you restart, it’ll come as a nice suprise

    December 31, 2021
  27. Stephen Ferns #

    Dear Richard,

    Given that I think you have a certain affection for the music of Laura Nyro, I thought you might be interested in some information/intelligence relating to her that I came across recently. I susbscribe to Bob Lefsetz’s letters. I also sometimes listen to his podcasts. The last two of these that I heard were with Gary Katz and Desmond Child respectively. Katz produced Laura’s final studio album Walk the Dog and Light the Light. He told Lefsetz that when the album came out, Tommy Mottola, head of Columbia at the time (and all round lovely human being…) did a deal with Lorne Michaels which would have involved Laura appearing as the musical guest on the season premiere of Sarurday Night Live. Sensitive about her weight and not wanting to appear on TV, Laura declined and was promptly dropped by Columbia. I don’t think she had a subsequent deal with anyone else. And then she died.

    Desmond Child has two adopted sons, one of whom he named Nyro. Safe to say, he is a fan. So much so that he hired Laura’s father to tune his studio’s piano in NYC purely to get info about her and possibly affect an introduction to the woman herself. The ruse paid off and Desmond went up to Laura’s house in Danbury CT. This was after she’d been dropped by Columbia. Laura had a big house but she couldn’t afford to live in it any more. The house was rented out and Laura was reduced to living in a trailer in the grounds with her young son.

    I didn’t know any of this and I’d guess you didn’t either. Maybe it could be the subject of a future Blue Moment. Or even a newspaper/magazine feature. I’d imagine you have the access and contacts to make a better job of it than anyone. Not the way a musical legend should have had to spend her final days. Tommy Mottola must be so proud.

    Very best wishes for 2022

    Stephen Ferns PS I worked at GQ during the Michael VerMeulen years.

    December 31, 2021
  28. Many many thanks … and a Happy New Year !!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    December 31, 2021
  29. David Carroll #

    Good luck with your next writing project. I will miss your notes. They have provided some great insight and often send me off to explore music I would otherwise not hear. All the best for 2022!

    December 31, 2021
  30. Paul Crowe #

    Your insightful and informed pieces will be missed, Richard. All the best with your next book.

    December 31, 2021
  31. mick gold #

    Happy New Year, Richard, and thanks for all the music and the words and the inspiration

    December 31, 2021
  32. Peter Eden #

    Thank you Richard for all the Blue
    Moments! See you soon. Finish
    your book. We will be waiting!

    December 31, 2021
  33. Good luck Richard

    December 31, 2021
  34. Donald Phillips #

    Thank you so much for your words. You will be missed.

    December 31, 2021
  35. Happy New Year, Richard. All the very best to you, Sir, and I’ll wait patiently for the next email announcement to land in my inbox. Good luck with the writing!

    December 31, 2021
  36. Thank you for the always inspirational Information and all best wishes for a happy and productive 2022.

    December 31, 2021
  37. Martin Hayman #

    Best wishes — it’s been a pleasure to read you all these years (not just the Blue Moment years)

    December 31, 2021
  38. I’ve really enjoyed this series Richard, and have bought quite a few of the records you’ve covered – most recently the vocal groups release from your last post. Looking forward to your return later in 2022.

    December 31, 2021
  39. Graham Morris #

    A happy and healthy new year to you, Richard. And a thousand thanks for all the words and links that have helped to fill our lives throughout the strange circumstances of the last two years

    December 31, 2021

    The last time you put your music blog on hold to complete a book, the result was your terrific account of the life of Richard Seaman; I’m sure that your current project will be equally rewarding. Your blue moment pieces and recommendations will be missed but while we await their return we will have plenty of wonderful music that we might otherwise have missed to keep us occupied; many thanks. I look forward to seeing you at a gig sometime, perhaps, but in the meantime best wishes – and Happy New Year.

    December 31, 2021
  41. Stan Hey #

    Happy New Year to you Richard and to all your family. All the best with your next project. Your recent piece about Curtis Mayfield took me back to the 1993 ‘Tribute’ album, and particularly The Isley Brothers version of ‘I’m So Proud’, which I think was the best track (Phil Shaw and I have been having something of love-in about The Isleys this year). I look forward to the Blue Moment’s return. Stan.

    December 31, 2021
  42. Happy New Year Richard.
    I echo all the previous comments and wish you luck with your new work and look forward to hearing more from you about music when you are able to devote the time to that again
    Best David

    December 31, 2021
  43. Sedat Nemli #

    Best wishes, and hope to have you back soon!

    December 31, 2021
  44. Love these posts. Happy New Year

    December 31, 2021
  45. Shaukat Husain #

    I really enjoy your blog. I am wishing you a happy, safe and healthy new year.
    Good luck with your writing project and look forward to return of your blog.

    December 31, 2021
  46. Andrew Blake #

    Many thanks Richard for the updates and the memories (I have been with you since whistle test, and I’ll always remember your kindness to Man Jumping). Good luck with the book and we all look forward to picking up where we left off some time next year. Meanwhile, a very happy New Year to you and all your readers

    December 31, 2021
  47. Thanks Richard, the posts are always a treat, in content and style. Best wishes for your 2022 project.
    Thanks, Chris Bourke

    December 31, 2021
  48. Pete Thompson #

    Thanks Richard, I will miss the blue moment does anybody have another blog that they can recommend till you come back..?

    December 31, 2021
  49. Chris Sugden #

    Many thanks for all your insightful pieces – I’ll miss them, but look forward to reading more, later in 2022.
    Good luck with the new book, and Happy New Year!

    Chris Sugden

    December 31, 2021
  50. Dan #

    Good luck with the writing… it is always great to lock yourself away without distractions to produce a piece of work! Happy Days…

    December 31, 2021

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